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Product detail:   □ Reliable - High production up time
  The ZOJR660 is considerably faster than its predecessor. Its optimized motor power and motion performance ensure significantly shorter cycle times than competing products.
  □ Fast - Short cycle times
  Standard packaging software
  □ Accurate - Consistent parts quality
  Outstanding position repeatability (± 0.2mm) and very good path accuracy
  □ Strong - Maximized utilization
  High speed version capable of handling 180 kg at full speed, and at a 250 kg version for high through-put with 3.15m reach
  □ Robust - Harsh production environment
  The robot’s rugged design and IP 67 tightness make for steady performance in even the toughest environments.
  □ Versatile - Flexible integration and production

  The robot’s impressive reach means it can service up to four in-feed conveyors, two pallet stacks, one slip-sheet stack and four palletizing out-feeding lines. In fact, the ZOJR660 has the versatility, reach and handling capacity to meet the demands of just about any palletizing applications.

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