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  Not just a simple combination of different equipment, the gantry palletizing system is a complex systematic engineering solution for modern warehousing and logistics management. It takes advantage of the philosophy of intelligent gantry palletizing system to realize the remote start-up and control of conveying equipment, data traceability, failure alarm and so on.
  ◆ The gantry palletizing system is composed of a big crane, a small crane, a crane conveyor, a cantilever elevator, a palletizing platform and an electrical control system;
  ◆ The big crane is used to move in the longitudinal direction of the length of the warehouse, and the small crane is to walk in the horizontal direction of the width of the warehouse, the cantilever elevator is to lift in the height direction of the warehouse and rotate 360-degree in the warehouse. The three parts builds up a three-dimensional interchange transportation structure. So the gantry palletizing system can palletize flexibly in any position of the warehouse.

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